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Electricity is the most common energy consumed by every individual and it plays a major role in our day to day life as we use it for almost everything in our homes. However every year, several people are hospitalised or lose their precious lives due to electrical accidents. Most of the times, electrical accidents are mainly caused due to damaged electrical wiring. Potential electrical safety hazards can be prevented by maintaining the wiring in your house in the safest way.

Is Electrical Re-wiring Necessary?

Electrical rewiring is a major task and to check whether your home needs a rewiring is always advisable for your safety as well as the safety of your family and neighbours. In order to prevent any electrical hazards and prevent loss of property and life, it is very important to get the rewiring done. Most electrical rewiring is conducted in renovated homes or very old properties. Here are some indicators that your home needs an Electrical re-wiring in Sydney.

  • Age related- You may notice electrical breakdowns or a current fluctuation in any property which is more than fifteen years old. You need to contact an experienced and licensed expert to check your wiring system.
  • Purchase of any old property- in these cases installation certificates should be checked to find out when the electrical wiring was done. All old fittings and sockets can be updated and you can choose where they are best located as per your requirement.
  • The design of an old wiring system is inadequate in size and capacity and they cannot deal with the demand that today’s electrical usage puts on them. Modern homes have number of appliances and their usage strains the electrical wiring. You need to contact a professional and carry out the Electrical re-wiring immediately to avoid any hazards.
  • You might need to rewire your home when you get electrical shocks from appliances, sockets, switches and also when you experience frequent tripping of circuit breakers. Contact a professional expert as soon as possible to check the wiring system and insulation.

Range of Services

You can get a thorough check conducted by calling an expert like Danco Electrical with comprehensive knowledge about electrical systems. We are specialists in electrical systems and cater to clients in both residential and commercial categories. In addition to Electrical re-wiring in Sydney, we offer a range of services such as:

  • Kitchen Appliance repairs
  • Electric Hot Water Systems
  • C Bus Light & Wiring systems
  • Power Point Upgrades
  • Switch Board Upgrades
  • LED Down Light installations

Why Select Us?

We at Danco Electrical undertake all residential & commercial electrical solution jobs effectively and efficiently and work hand in hand with existing and new clients. For reliable, prompt and professional services in emergency and preventative maintenance, you can call us on 02 8020 5941 and speak with customer service team. You can also contact us via the online form on our website; we assure you an immediate response on all your requirements.