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Need specialists for Switchboard Upgrades?

A switchboard is a standard requirement in any electrical system and is a critical safety component in power circuits. This means all domestic, commercial and industrial installations have a switchboard as a vital element. Nowadays Switch boards not only provide an electrical support to the rest of the installation, but form a vital part of your home interiors. An electrical safety switch cuts off the main power supply in case of power leakage from any electrical wire.

  • However it is very important to know that electrical hazards can take place due to damaged switchboards thus causing considerable threat to life and property. Outdated switch boards are prone to short circuits and there are chances of electrical shock. Thus Switchboard Upgrades are very important and need immediate attention especially when they are quite outdated or damaged. The electrical safety switch installed in the switch board facilitates reduction in energy consumption and restores power.

When to Upgrade?

Old switches cannot tackle the high usage of appliances in modern homes. So it is advisable that you opt for a Switchboard Upgrades Sydney. A switch board upgrade will also be required:

  • In cases where there is power tripping very often and when the old switch board cannot manage the excess power consumption in modern homes; particularly in the kitchen area where a number of electrical appliances are used.
  • When your lights flicker every now and then; this indicates that the old switchboard cannot carry the load anymore. This may disrupt your day-to-day activities and cause a lot of inconvenience.
  • In case of newly-renovated homes the extra power consumption has to be considered
  • Older switch boards leave a gap between the wall and the board thus making it hazardous for children. Also it makes room for pests thus increasing the problems for the users.

Quality Services

All you have to do is to call a licensed and skilled electrician like us to install the switch board after a proper electrical safety inspection. You can hire Danco Electrical for any commercial/ residential requirement. Not only do we handle Switchboard Upgrades Sydney, but also offer services as mentioned below:

  • Power Point Upgrades
  • LED Down Light installations
  • Electric Hot Water Systems
  • C Bus Light & Wiring systems
  • Electrical Re-Wiring
  • Kitchen Appliance repairs

Reliable Electricians

We have a team of trained electricians who are courteous, professional and trained. Our experts are knowledgeable and technically sound. We have experience in the industry for over the years, guarantee all our work and strive hard to provide our 100% customer satisfaction in every job we handle. We assure high quality standards at a very reasonable price.

So, whenever you need a Switchboard Upgrades Sydney or any of our services, please call Danco Electrical on 02 8020 5941; alternatively, you can contact us via website. Our experts in the customer service team shall be happy to help you and answer all your questions or doubts related to your electrical requirement.